Kale Premier 

subtly sweet flavor

Lemon Basil


Purple Sango Radish

peppery flavor

Mammoth Red Rock Cabbage

mild and earthy flavor

Large American Flag Leek

mild onion flavor

Purple Vienna Kohlrabi

 Have a taste similar to cabbage or turnip greens.

Peas, Sprouting 

delicate crunch and sweet flavor

Cilantro, Slow Bolt

sweet, bright citrusy aroma with a clean, bold, classic cilantro flavor finishing with robust notes of pepper and fresh cut grass

Mustard, Wasabi

. Intense spicy horseradish flavor

Fennel, Florence

a lemony, black licorice scent and a mild, green flavor with sweet notes and a peppery-anise finish


Lic - 17524931

Ins -PL2260060-F062643X 

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