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Leek Micro-Greens


micro leek.png

Micro Leeks have thin dark green leaves with tiny black seeds attached. Leeks are closely related to scallions, onions and garlic. Mild onion-like taste with a hint of cucumber, less bitter than scallions.  

This versatile Micro-green compliments many traditional dishes made with; lamb, beef, pizza, sandwiches, salads, omelettes to name a few. Leeks are cooler than onions. They perform the same jobs (use them anywhere you would a regular cooking onion) but they're sweeter, with a more delicate flavor. Plus, they're pretty!

Micro Leeks contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, and folate. 

Recipe Ideas

Leek and Mushroom Gallette

Leek Infused Cornbread

Potato and Micro Leek Soup

Shrimp Lemon and Micro Leek Linquini

Creamy Pappardelle with Micro Leeks

Mini Micro Leek and Asparagus Tarts

Leek and Mushroom Galett.jpg
Potato and Micro Leek Soup.jpg
Leek Infused Cornbread.jpg
Shrimp Lemon Micro Leek Linquini.jpg
hamburger with leeks.png
mini micro leek and asparagus tarts.jpg
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