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Micro Cilantro is crisp and has a sweet, bright citrusy aroma with a clean, bold, classic cilantro flavor finishing with robust notes of pepper and fresh cut grass. It is also most notably without the soapy scent that some say mature cilantro possesses. Micro Cilantro is a young, tiny, edible version of the well-known herb and is harvested approximately 14-21 days after sowing. Micro Cilantro is one of the most popular micro-greens currently on the market today. Favored for its peppery, pungent flavor, Micro Cilantro has become widespread as a garnish for its ease of use and ability to add flavor, texture, and visual appeal to any dish.  Micro Cilantro leaves are best suited for raw preparations, specifically as a garnish, as they will wilt if exposed to prolonged heat. They feature a bright, sweet, and spicy flavor without the soapy, bitter characteristic that mature cilantro can develop.  Few things add such a warm, nutty, spicy flavor to creative dishes like fresh cilantro! Stems are succulent; soft, light leaves have cut edges. Just one sniff of this lovely, pungent leaf will inspire you and just one taste will enhance a rainbow of dishes in multiple cuisines.

Micro Cilantro contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, beta-carotene, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, and phosphorus. 

Recipe Ideas

Micro Cilantro leaves are most commonly used in Mexican, Indian, Thai, and Chinese cuisines. They can be sprinkled on top of egg rolls and spring rolls, used to add a bright flavor to lobster and crab, mixed into polenta, or even chopped into salsa. Micro Cilantro pairs well with avocado, carrots, zucchini, tomato, coconut milk, citrus, ginger, mint, lemongrass, chile peppers, yogurt, chicken, lamb, and white fish.

Micro Cilantro Sushi roll

Chunky Guacamole with Micro Cilantro

Micro Cilantro Grilled Chicken

Tempura Dynamite Shrimp with Teriyaki sauce and Micro Cilantro

Hawaiian Ceviche with Micro Cilantro

Avacado Toast with Cilantro

Micro Cilantro Roll.jpg
dynamite shrimp with terriaki and micro
chunky quacamole with micro cilantro.jpg
hawaiin ceviche.jpg
avacado toast with tomato and basil.jpg
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