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Pure Micro-Greens, LLC is owned and operated by Wanda and Lauren who are also mother and daughter.

Lauren is in the hopitality business and has a passion for  healthy eating and loves  to farm.

Wanda had a C-level corporate career both in running food manufacturing/processing companies. Wanda also had  a second career leading advertising and marketing for news and advertising outlets.

Both of us recognized the trend in super foods and healthy eating and believe there is an opportunity for us to contribute to this trend while perfecting the practices of hydroponic farming.

We decided to join the forces of Lauren's love of agriculture and terrific accounting skills and Wanda’s sales, marketing and food channel experience and start Pure Micro-Greens, LLC.

We believe Micro-Greens is one way to contribute to a healthy lifestyle in a delicious, nutritious and culinary exciting and fun way.

Today we run a family farm at Historic Perrywood Manor.  We have converted over 1,000 ft2 of space in the basement into a vertical Hydroponic Farm.

We use nothing but carbon filtered and pH adjusted water in our grow, ensuring our customers get 100% pure micro-greens – no fertilizers, no chemicals.  We also sell our micro-greens “live” – offering superior shelf life, nutrition and flavor.

We are proud to offer Micro-Greens, up to 40x more nutritious than their mature counterparts.

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